Pain in Coccyx or Coccydynia

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Coccydynia is a type of lower back pain felt around the last bone at the base of the spine (the coccyx or tailbone). The pain of coccydynia usually worsen when sitting down. Some people can only tolerate sitting in the same position for a few minutes before having to move to relieve the pain.

It is a very common pain in adults 30-35 years. It occurs most often after a long stay in the car, the train, at work, sometimes after a fall on the buttocks or after birth. Coccigodinia is often caused by trauma (fall on the buttocks), but can occur seemingly spontaneously.

Some patients experience pain and during defecation, sexual intercourse or menstruation. Secondary symptoms include back pain stemming from strange postures adopted to reduce coccigodinia, and leg pain caused by standing for too long (avoid patients to sit). Sometimes, entire gluteal region is painful. Coccigodinia can be caused by a broad array of factors.


Coccigodinia may be caused by fracture, shingles, infection, pilonidal cyst or injury.

The most common cause is trauma of the coccyx. Women may report that pain during pregnancy or after birth. Some people have a discomfort in the coccyx after repeated exercises such as, cycling, canoeing. In many cases, the pain comes from a malformation of the coccyx.

Sometimes the coccyx, the bone growths appear that seem to cause pain only in patients underweight at which bone is not protected. Other causes include cancer or trauma of the coccyx generating pain. Effort or muscle tension, nerve damage or dislocation due to morbid obesity are other determinants of Coccydynia.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The treatment for coccydynia will vary depending on what is causing your condition and how painful it is. Medication, such as anti-inflammatory painkillers, different types of injections, spinal manipulation providing short-term pain relief or even surgery may treat the problem. However, Coccydynia may have a long recovery time. ...