Pain in Vagina

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Vagina pain is the pain in the genital area (vulva, vagina, clitoris) that occurs most often associated with penetration (intercourse) or an attempt or other situations (cycling, sitting, riding) Genital pain usually presents as dyspareunia or vaginismus.

Dyspareunia is persistent or recurrent pain with attempted penetration complete and / or vaginal intercourse Vaginismus is the persistent or recurrent difficulty of women to allow penetration of the penis, a finger and / or object into the vagina, regardless of their desire. Such situations cause significant discomfort and distress in women that lead to difficulties in the personal sphere and couples.


It may result from abnormal conditions of the genitalia, dysfunctional psychophysiologic reaction to sexual union, forcible coition, or incomplete sexual arousal. Dyspareunia is also associated with hormonal changes of menopause and lactation that result in drying of the vaginal tissues as well as with endometriosis.

In general there is often fear of pain (related to touch or intercourse or sometimes more general) that can lead to avoid sex with pain or loss of desire, some women continue to be receptive to sexual activity The pain may be superficial or introitus, vagina or vagina half deep, before, during or after penetration (intercourse). Sometimes pain is associated with the clitoris or vulva to the touch, vaginal dryness, postcoital cystitis, burning, and dryness or itching of the vulva.

This symptom often results in lack or decreased desire, arousal and orgasm. These symptoms may be primary (lifelong) or secondary or acquired (the symptom begins after a history of painless intercourse).