Problem with Ears

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There are many different types of ear problems.

Common ear problems include: otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear, causing a build-up of fluid, with or without an infection. If there is an infection, it is often viral. Glue ear is a type of chronic otitis media. Long term build-up of thick or ‘sticky’ fluid in the middle ear, behind the eardrum, causes hearing loss. This makes socialising and learning very difficult, especially if hearing loss is not recognised in early childhood. Ear wax in the ear is normal and protects the ear. However, a build-up of wax may be a problem in some adults. Impacted ear wax rarely causes an ear discharge or pain, but it may cause hearing impairment.

Swimmer’s ear develops when humidity, heat and moisture cause the skin layer inside the ear to swell. The addition of further water, for example, through swimming, makes the skin lining the ear canal even softer and liable to infection. Attempts to remove the water with cotton buds or other objects may make the condition worse, causing pain and itching.


Ear pain may be caused by infections of the tonsils, jaw or sinuses. Chronic infection, for example, glue ear, can cause hearing loss that can affect learning and lifestyle, and exposure to loud noise can also damage hearing. As well as infection, the ears can also suffer from dermatitis reactions to topical medicines, wearing jewellery, cosmetics or methacrylate ear plugs.