Pus in Eye and Fluid

Eyes | Ophthalmology | Pus in Eye and Fluid (Symptom)


Pus in the eye is a yellow discharge in the eye. In this condition eyelids stuck together with pus, especially after sleeping and there is dried eye discharge on the upper cheek. The white part of eyes may or may not have some redness or pinkness and eyelids are usually puffy due to irritation from the infection. This condition is also called bacterial conjunctivitis, runny eyes, or mastery eyes.


Eye infections with pus are caused by bacteria and can be a complication of a cold. Pink eyes without a yellow discharge, however, are more common and are due to a virus. With proper treatment the yellow discharge should clear up in 72 hours. The red eyes (which are due to the cold) may persist for several more days.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment is carried out at home by cleaning the eye and applying antibiotic eyedrops or ointments. Children with contact lenses need to swhich to glasses temporarily. This will prevent damage to the cornea. The pus from the eyes can cause eye infections in other people if they get some of it on their eyes.