Head | Psychiatry | Sadness (Symptom)


Sadness is one of the basic emotions (not native) of human beings, along with fear, anger, disgust, joy and surprise. It is an affective state caused by moral decay. s the expression of emotional pain by crying, her face downcast, and lack of appetite. We often feel sad when our expectations are not met or when the circumstances of life are more painful than joyous. Joy is the emotion contrary.

The sadness is associated with depression. Depression is a mood disorder more common now. About five in every hundred people will experience depressive episodes at some point in their lives, and the proportion is greater if we speak only of women, who suffer more psychological problem. Depression is characterized primarily because the person experiences intense sadness and chronically loss of interest and enjoy the things around him.


Sadness is an overwhelming feeling that can be normal or a sign of a serious medical illness. Sometimes, sadness can last for more than two weeks and become chronic (depression). Also, the onset of sadness can occur after giving birth. Additionally, menstrual cycles may also trigger feelings of sadness. Fortunately, the causes of sadness have specific treatment options.