Speech Disorders and Difficulty in Speaking

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It refers to the inability to execute a voluntary motor movement despite being able to demonstrate normal muscle function. Apraxia is not related to a lack of understanding or any kind of physical paralysis but is caused by a problem in the cortex of the brain. Apraxia of speech is a serious speech disorder characterized by the inability to speak, or a severe struggle to speak clearly. Apraxia of speech occurs when oral-motor muscles will not or can not obey commands from the brain, or when the brain is not able to send commands.


Apraxia is caused by brain damage. When acquired apraxia develops in a person who previously was capable of carrying out the tasks or skills is called acquired apraxia. The most common causes of acquired apraxia are: (i) brain tumour, (ii) condition that causes gradual deterioration of the brain and nervous system (neurodegenerative diseases), (iii) dementia, (iv) stroke O (v) traumatic brain injury.