Sprained Ankle Pain

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Ankle sprains are very common especially in athletes. An important number of people get them every day.

Ankle sprain is an injury to one of the ligaments in your ankle. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that hold your bones together. Although ligaments are flexible, all it takes is a sudden twist for them to stretch too far or snap entirely.


Ankle sprains happen when the foot lands on the ground at an angle, or with too much force. The risk of an ankle sprain increases if a person had previous ankle sprains; walks, runs, or plays on uneven surfaces; wear shoes that don’t fit well or don’t have good support; play sports that require sudden changes in direction, like football, soccer, and basketball.

A person with ankle sprain will experience: ankle pain, which can be mild to severe; swelling; a popping sound during the injury; difficulty moving the ankle; bruising; instability of the ankle (in severe sprains)


To speed the healing it is important that the ankle is put at rest, ice is applied on the sprain, compress your ankle with an elastic bandage; elevate your ankle or take anti-inflammatory painkillers. ...