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Sterility, often referred to as infertility, is essentially an inability to become pregnant (in women) or impregnate a woman (in men).


One of the more common symptoms of sterility in a woman is irregular menstruation, which may be caused by an ovarian failure that changes the regularity of the period, the length of the period and even the production of menstruation.

Loss of libido represents another important cause of sterility. Since sterility usually affects hormone levels, both men and women may begin to exhibit a lowered (or complete loss) of libido. Some men who are sterile may actually begin to prematurely go bald. This may be seen in the scalp as well as face and body. Much like the loss of libido, this due to the change in hormones.

Ejaculation is another important cause that could indicate sterility. Some men who believe they tend to be infertile may actually be experiencing something called retrograde ejaculation, which is a condition where the semen doesn't come out during ejaculation and actually moves into the bladder.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If a couple tries and fails to become pregnant over a fairly long period of time, tests should be run to see if the male or female is the individual suffering from fertility issues.