Suicidal Tendencies

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Suicidal ideation or tendencies is a common medical term for thoughts about suicide, which may be as detailed as a formulated plan, without the suicidal act itself. Although most people who undergo suicidal ideation do not commit suicide, a significant proportion go on to make suicide attempts.

Most people who develop suicidal thoughts have already been diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorders or certain psychiatric disorders.


People who have suicidal behaviour may have one of the following mental illnesses:

BPD - those suffering from this condition they can harm themselves or attempt suicide. Some believe that injuring themselves may be a way for their troubles will be improved. This is a symptom of mental disorder and require treatment from a specialist;

Depression - most people diagnosed with mental illness who are suicidal, have experienced major depression; Psychotic symptoms - some people can initiate suicide, confused as reality or even be guided by their hallucinations or untreated psychotic symptoms improve;

Drugs and alcohol - drug abuse (such as marijuana, heroin, or amphetamines) and alcohol is closely linked to suicidal behaviour.