Swelling of Mouth

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A person with mouth or tongue swelling has enlargement of one of the structures inside the mouth. The swelling may involve the teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue or throat.


Mouth or tongue swelling is caused by injury, inflammation, or infection. Oral lesions can occur at any age and basically anywhere in the mouth, including tongue, cheeks, mouth floor palace, gum tissue and jawbone. Most of these lesions are benign, but sometimes they can be more aggressive or malignant. Detection, evaluation and treatment of early stage are important in managing the problem.

Oral disease that occurs in the mouth include: cysts (cavities in the jaw bone); tumours (any lesion with a prominent bulge or similar); ulcers (painful sores that eroded tissue); damage (can be pigmented, white, red or combined). Any abnormality should be evaluated and treated as soon as possible by a surgeon. Swelling can occur anywhere in the mouth: the lips, gum tissue, cheeks, tongue or palate. Such swelling (or tumours) can develop quickly or over several months or even years.

Some retain the same size and do not change characteristics. Some change their size, colour and symptoms such as pain. Most are benign and are not serious. The most common tumour is benign fibroids, which are formed as a reaction to irritation or injury.

Swelling protruding lower lip salivary glands are often associated (known as mucous cysts). Other tumours can be viral or bacterial nature and are therefore inflammation. But other tumours can develop in other tissues, e. g. nerve tissue, muscle or salivary. A swelling may also be an aggressive or malignant tumour, especially when growing rapidly, is painful and attached to the tissue underneath the extended area. An abscess occurs following an infection as a swelling with pus, placed in a closed cavity. It can be located in the skin or mouth, the gums. Abscess can be hot, placed on the skin, red and hot, swollen, painful and kicking, or cold, that does not hurt but is thinner and paler skin above.