Swelling of Skin

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In medical parlance, swelling is the transient, enlargement or protuberance in the body and may include tumours. It can occur throughout the body (generalized), or a specific part or organ can be affected (localized).


Vesicles, scalp wounds and swelling can be caused by: infection of the hair base (folliculitis) or skin (impetigo); allergic diseases of the skin (contact dermatitis); viral infections such as chickenpox or herpes zoster (shingles); skin problems such as acne; epidermal or sebaceous Cysts - small bags beneath the top layer of skin, filled with fat. These cysts occur most often on the scalp, ears, face, back or scrotum and are caused by obstruction of glandular ducts in the vicinity of a human hair.

Sometimes become infected, in which case the content is fluctuent and purulent. Children with molluscum contagiosum make some bumps on the skin, grouped in clusters, or white-coloured, soft. Usually have three to eight millimetres in diameter and holes in the centre. Can occur anywhere on the body but most often are placed on the trunk and buttocks. Are caused by a virus that is in surface layers of the skin and looks very good with some small warts - common treatment for warts but not yield any results. The swelling eventually disappear without treatment. If they are numerous, unsightly or embarrassing, or if your child simply wants to get rid of them, ask your doctor.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The traditional treatment consists of scratching carefully the swelling layer and applying a chemical called phenol, but some doctors use cryotherapy - freezing damage by nitrogen lichid. Despite the name, not very contagious, but can in overcrowded conditions in tropical countries. However, it is probably wise to not let other children to reach lesions. A cyst is a swelling filled with fluid, which can be any location on the body. The most common are sebaceous cysts - swelling of the skin soft, creamy containing, consisting of keratin, a substance that goes into the external layers of the skin. Although cysts are harmless, they can greatly increase in volume, situations that are surgically removed under local anaesthesia.