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Too many hours spent at the computer, stress, pollution and poor diet affects the beauty and eye health.


If the culprit for swollen eyes, bags under the more accurately they are not certain irritants, then it could be a symptom of serious diseases such as kidney disease. Usually, eyes swollen, irritated, painful, swollen eyelids and, sometimes, redness in the white of the eyes, is but order cosmetic problems. Most often, these events lies behind the lack of sleep, an allergic reaction or some irritants in the environment. If you wake up with it, you should not worry. But it's important to know that could indicate something more serious.

Most often, bags under the eyes indicate fluid retention, fat deposits, allergies or sleepless nights or more. May be a result of excessive consumption of salt, the administration of drugs, of standing or walking on a hot day, but a kidney disease or heart problems. For people suffering from a condition called nephrotic syndrome kidneys, blood has a protein deficiency, which is reflected in the eye. Most often this symptom is morning, after waking up. In the evening, the swelling can move the body and even feet. People with something urinate more often, feel weak and lose their appetite. One of the causes is in the opinion of experts, the natural aging process. Experts say there is typically in the amount of fat under the eyes, which is held in place by ligaments.

With aging, these ligaments become looser and unwind, allowing the fat under the eyes to submit to the skin surface, forming the swelling under the eyes. Over time, increases the swelling, with loss of skin elasticity, forming a pouch look. Experts tell us that when these changes occur depends on many factors, including it here and on the genetic, namely whether or not parents had bags under the eyes. It has a genetic role, that can be about some anatomical defects, structural and hereditary can cause some people to develop these swellings sooner than others.