Swollen Lymph Nodes

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Inflammation or swelling of lymph nodes accompanied by various other symptoms is one reason why many patients (especially children), consult your doctor. Lymph or lymphatic glands play an important role in the body ability to fight viruses, bacteria or other factors that may trigger disease.


Most often lymph nodes swell and become inflamed due to infection. However, there are several possible causes of inflammation of lymph nodes. Treatment of the disease which involves inflammation of the lymph nodes or lymphadenitis, depends on the cause that triggered it. In some cases, over time, use of analgesics and warm compresses to relieve the condition. The lymphatic system includes a network of organs, blood vessels and lymph nodes located throughout the body. In the body there are about 600 lymph nodes, mostly located in the head and neck. Often swollen from the groin or the armpits.

Signs and symptoms vary depending on the cause that led to inflammation of the lymph nodes are: To increase their size by an inch or more; tenderness and pain; runny nose, sore throat, fever and other symptoms of upper respiratory infection; general inflammation in his body, of lymph nodes may indicate an infection (HIV or mononucleosis) or immune disorders (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis);rRedness and inflammation of the skin covering the swollen lymph node; inflammation of limbs - symptoms may suggest a lymphatic blockage; nodes of high consistency, which is a fast increase may indicate possibly a tumour.

The most common causes of lymph node swelling are infections (especially viral infections such as common colds).

However, there are other types of infections, including bacterial and parasitic diseases, and other causes of inflammation of lymph nodes. These could be: common infections; streptococcus located in the neck; mumps; measles; ear infections; tooth infection (abscess); mononucleosis; infected wounds; tuberculosis; STDs (like syphilis); toxoplasmosis - parasitic infection resulting from contact with infected cat feces or undercooked meat consumption.