Tension Foot Fatigue

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Foot fatigue is a common condition that occurs after standing or walking for long periods of time. The foot muscles become overly tired and cramp causing the sufferer to experience pain and begin to limp. Foot fatigue is especially common in a workplace environment where the persons are on their feet all day as well as in runners.


Foot Fatigue can be contributed to a number of factors from age to the amount of time spend on feet. Foot Fatigue can also be caused by other foot conditions such as Flat Feet.

The symptoms of Foot Fatigue are: swelling, achiness, cramping and pain. These symptoms can be experienced in the entire foot or in a localized position such as the ball of the foot, arch, or heel.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The most common form of the prevention of Foot Fatigue is to wear comfortable shoes with proper support. This is even more important if a person is going to be standing or walking for long periods of time. Stretch and massage on feet it is alco recommended in order to relax the muscles.

Most cases of Foot Fatigue can be treated from home, however a doctor is needed if the Foot Fatigue grows worse, or if it cannot be obtain relief from the pain. If this is the case there may be another underlying cause of the Foot Fatigue such as Flat Feet.