Smell inside Vagina

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Vaginal odor is typically from inflammation of the vaginal area. Inflammation of the vaginal area is often a result of infection in or around the vagina.


Excessive washing, douching, tight clothes and certain chemicals (scented body washes, antibacterial soap, etc. ) can cause an infection or vaginal yeast infections. Certain contraceptives and foreign bodies in the vagina can cause vaginal odour and other serious health problems. Alternation in the vaginal and anal intercourse during the same session can cause vaginal infection resulting in vaginal odour. Though rare, diet can affect the smell of the vagina.

Diagnosis and Treatment

In some cases, having a healthy diet (eating fruits and vegetables in abundance) can remedy the situation without any medical treatment.

To prevent vaginal odour it should regularly be cleaned. Avoiding douching when it is not necessary is important as it can damage or destroy the normal acidity of the vagina resulting in vaginal problems. Avoiding using tight underwear and pants so that the vagina can breathe easier can eliminate vaginal odour. The use of cotton underwear is also important. If a vaginal infection persists despite treatment, a doctor should be consulted as it could be a sign of cancer of the cervix or vagina, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, STDs (STIs), vaginitis, yeast infection, etc.