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Unsteadiness in the shoulder is a common pathology in young athletes, and can be expressed in many forms: dislocations, subluxations, or just pain in case of certain movements of the arm. Whether it is an obvious shoulder dislocation or subluxation which resolves spontaneously in a few seconds, the diagnosis of shoulder dislocation is often evident. But sometimes symptoms may consist only of shoulder pain during forced movements. Most often there is a traumatic origin of pain: falls or extreme movements.

In younger patients, there may be a loss that proves the existence of an anomaly in which the ligaments are too lax, and favor therefore shoulder instability.

Femoral - patellar unsteadiness is a condition in which the main mechanism of the knee extensor, consisting of the quadriceps muscle, quadriceps tendon, patella and patellar tendon is unbalanced (does not follow the normal anatomic axis). The consequence is the possibility of patellar subluxations or dislocations. This instability occurs after several knee ligament injuries. Is due to the primary disease that disrupts the extensor mechanism: too high positioning of the patella, tibial tuberosity positioned too laterally.

Femoral-patellar instability is also due to medial ligament rupture - the main stabilizer of the patella. The patient may describe: anterior knee pain under and around the kneecap, difficulty to walk up and downstairs, discomfort in the first steps after long periods of sitting, lock joints, joint unsteadiness - the feeling that the patella moves. Postural unsteadiness refers to impaired balance and coordination. ...