Vaginal Itching

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Itching in the genital area are unpleasant irritation of the vagina and genital area. Vaginal itching and inflammation of the vagina are among the most common problems that affect women genitals.


Vaginal Itching is typically caused by bacterial or fungal infection of the origin of this area. Whether the itch occurring during or immediately after intercourse, this feeling is not far from a normal, and therefore it is advisable to contact ya doctor as soon as they begin to emerge. One of the reasons that can cause itching frecvemte vaginal infection with Candida albicans is a parasitic fungus. This fungus can cause itching, pain, sensitivity of the genitals and a thick white discharge.

Other fungs that can cause itching vaginal pelvic vaginalis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea (which cause gonorrhea or clap, manifested by itching, burning sensation and discharge pus). Another reason which may cause the itching is bad and excessive growth of bacteria normally present in the vagina, due to imbalances especially in the vaginal flora. Excess bacteria in the vagina can cause inflammation of the vagina and vulva, making a bad smelling gray discharge and itching and the burning occurring. Vaginal itching can be caused by vaginal irritations that may occur after sexual contact, and the reaction of the body to some contraceptive methods (spermicides, female condom, condom allergic containing materials).

The vaginal irritation are quite common in women who have reached menopause, because due to the significant decrease in estrogen, vaginal walls become thinner and natural lubrication of the vaginal cavity decreases. Allergic reactions, although a much lower incidence of vaginal infections than is manifested by vaginal itching and burning during or immediately after intercourse. The most common causes of allergic reactions to the vagina, women are developed allergies to sperm partner. Experts recommend that to be sure to use a condom during sexual intercourse next to discover if an allergic reaction still occurs. And toilet chemicals in products or detergents that wash underwear, skin creams can cause itching, redness and pain in the vagina. So avoid using detergents containing enzymes and do not use scented soaps or bubble baths or other additives.