Verbal Tics or Outbursts

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Language problems have a high enough frequency in children. If not detected early and treated by speech therapists can determine decreasing school, slowing down the process of socialization and can traumatize the child mentally, with integration into the community, which unfortunately may be the target of many jokes and ridicule.

The slow speech - is a most common disorder, consisting in omission, substitution, inversion or distortion sounds. This can be present and even the syllables of words. By the age of 3-4 years old this is normal due to insufficient brain development (involved in the speech). The real problem is after this age, whether the deficiency in speech.


The classic example is Tourette syndrome, but other neurological disorders can also result in vocal outbursts. Psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia may have vocal outbursts as a symptom, and some people who have dementia or other forms of brain damage may show outbursts vocal expression in the form of uncontrolled or poorly regulated. Alcohol and other drugs can also lead to a deterioration of behaviour and control, which sometimes leads to vocal outbursts.