Visual Problems

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The human eye receives 90% of information from the environment. The eye is one that ensures integration and orientation in space. The main disorders of vision is a decrease in clarity of perception of objects, the occurrence of disturbance field of view (or areas appear gray-black shadows annoying and cause abnormal posture adopted head), and in other cases, the impossibility of assessing the colour. All these disorders can be permanent or transient. In other cases, patients discern, at a time, see double, which is explained by the absence of brain-eye imagery union.


The causes of these disorders can be muscle paralysis providing eye movements, cerebral vascular disease or some blistering occupying space that compressing normal brain structures (cysts, abscesses, tumours). Other potential causes of vision problems include fatigue, overexposure to the outdoors (temporary and reversible blurring of vision), and many medications.