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Vomiting means the expulsion forced vomiting, sudden gastrointestinal contents through the mouth. Vomiting, often preceded by nausea and hypersalivation, is a reflex act in which the stomach is the main effector organ. Emesis during a contraction of the stomach pylorus is done to prevent the passage of stomach contents into the duodenum and also a relaxation area for the cardia bottom and allowing the elimination of forced into the esophagus, pharynx and oral cavity. Palate is high and closed glottis preventing emesis content for airway passage.

Peristalsis movement of the esophagus and functional game eso-gastric junction were suspected to have a role in the externalization of emesis, but the force remains the only major operative intra-abdominal pressure increase due to simultaneous contractions that are very strong, like diaphragm and abdominal muscles. Vomiting may be of central or peripheral (reflex). Vomiting of central origin - occur in the central nervous system diseases that alter intracranial pressure (brain tumours, meningoencephalitis, cerebrospinal syphilis, cerebral hemorrhage), Menieres syndrome, migraine, endogenous intoxications (uraemia), exogenous intoxications (alcohol , nicotine, opiates).


Vomiting of central origin is due to increased intracranial pressure, sudden onset, not preceded by nausea and executed effortlessly. Home vomiting peripheral (reflex) - have as a starting point excitation of the digestive tract, peritoneum and various other viscera. Reflex arc includes related pathways (vagus nerve), emetic center and efferent pathways (phrenic nerve and nerves responsible for abdominal muscle activity).

Vomiting starting point in the digestive meet in: diseases of the stomach (acute and chronic gastritis, pyloric stenosis), liver and biliary tract (acute hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones), acute pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, appendicitis acute occlusion of mesenteric vessels and others. Peritoneal irritation of any kind or peritonitis is usually accompanied by vomiting. Vomiting reflexes that start out are found in the digestive system: renal colic, metro-attached, chronic nasal-pharyngeal mule.