White Spots on Nails

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Leuconichia is the most common nail discolouration, characterized by partial or total white stain them. Leuconichia can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired. Autosomal dominant congenital forms are sent, and can be total or partial, and associated with certain birth defects or deafness.

Also, depending on the level of serum albumin may occur parallel white stripes on the nails. Leuconichia are true of several types:

(1) Leuconichia total - is very rare. It is characterized by the appearance of white, milky blue or ivory of the entire nail. Opacity is variable. Usually, the rapid growth of the nail is associated with total leuconichia.

(2) Leuconichia ribbed - the blade is the presence of one or more nail polish, usually a white horizontal bands. Bands are 1-2 mm wide and are usually located at the same level all affected nails.

(3) Leuconichia dotted - consists in the appearance of white spots on the nails of 1-3 mm, single or in groups. Some of these spots may increase with time.

(4) Leuconichia variegata - is characterized by the appearance of one or more nails of irregular horizontal white lines.

(5) Leuconichia longitudinal - is manifested by the appearance of the blade angle of one or more nails a white-gray longitudinal lines, 1 mm wide.


Leuconichia acquired forms are most commonly caused by trauma (e. g. excessive nail) on the base nail (nail matrix), where the nail grows. White discoloration of the nail may follow physiological phenomena such as menstruation or high stress, or after acute (e. g. myocardial infarction), digestive diseases (e. g. ulcerative colitis), skin disorders (e. g. , erythema multiform), and kidney disease (e. g. renal failure).

Also, leuconichia acquired infectious diseases can be caused (e. g. Zoester area, measles, tuberculosis, syphilis), neoplastic or autoimmune diseases (e. g. Hodgkins disease), metabolic disorders, peripheral neuropathy, psoriasis, and poisoning with arsenic, lead, sulphonamides, pilocarpine and thallium. Leuconichia may be apparent or true. Apparent shape can be seen in cirrhosis when nails appear white opacities. In uremia, can meet nail half-half, which is matte proximal half and distal - red or brown. ...