White Tongue

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The color of the tongue betrays its health. A healthy tongue is generally pink, with a touch of white on the surface and is shiny and smooth. With the process of mastication, its color is influenced by the foods we eat. Thus, everyone should know which is usually the color of their tongue and to examine it at least once a month to identify any changes in color that can be warning signs for various ailments.


When tongue changes its color from pink to white, the mucus is a bit sticky and thick and it doesn't seems to renew itself, it is a sign that the body is fighting an infection and most likely the patient has a fever. A white tongue is present in case of respiratory virus diseases, the flu, a cold or bronchitis. When a white tongue is associated with yellow deposits, it is most likely a sign that the pancreas and the spleen are also suffering and it's important to see a doctor.

The most common causes that can lead to so-called white tongue in adults can include: candidiasis; gastro-esophageal reflux; dehydration; AIDS; mouth breathing due to various reasons; liver or bile conditions; smoking; allergies; pregnancy; deficits in B vitamins and iron; psoriasis; syphilis; leucoplakia - a precancerous condition - or cancer of the tongue; excessive consumption of chewing gum; deficits in the intestinal flora; chronic renal failure; dental problems; poor oral hygiene; fever; consumption of alcohol; some drugs - steroids, antacids, antibiotics; constipation; nasal obstructions that cause mouth breathing; unbalanced diabetes; mercury poisoning. ...