Xerophthalmia or Dry Eyes

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A dry eye is characterized by a wrinkled appearance of the conjunctiva and the presence of this membrane coarse-looking white spots caused by the absence of tear secretion.


The main cause of dry eyes is vitamin deficiency. The cornea is the seat of a painful inflammation (keratitis), then an infection of the eye, with corneal perforation risk. Keratinisation leads to dry eye corneal tissue (modification of tissue structure, rich in protein), then eventually to their destruction.

Evolution to blindness is slow, but frequent absence of treatment. Tear flow provides humidification and lubrication necessary to keep constant eye vision and comfort. Tears are composed of a mixture of water with a role in wetting, lubricating oil in the role, mucus which provides glide eyelid specific protein antibodies and anti-infective role in defense. These components are secreted by the lacrimal glands located around the eye. When there is an imbalance in the tear system, a person may experience dry keratoconjunctivitis (dry eyes).

In this situation no tears lubricate the eye properly, the person experiencing pain, photophobia, Sandy sensation, burning in the eye, foreign body sensation in eyes; Itching (pruritus localized); redness; Blurred vision. Sometimes, a person with dry eye will drain excess tears on the cheek, which may seem paradoxical. This happens when the eye is not sufficiently lubricated. The eye sends a signal to the central nervous system for better lubrication. In response, the eye is bathed in tears to compensate for dry eye. However, these tears are watery and have no lubricating qualities or complex composition of normal tears. Tears will remove foreign substances, but will not cover the surface of the eye properly. In addition, these tears tend to occur too late, regeneration and requiring eye treatment.


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